Greg Adler Motorsports in Irvine, California - Unlawful and Deceptive Business Practices Greg Adler

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Owners of Championship Off Road Racing are Knowingly and Willingly allowing Greg Adler Motorsports to compete in races when he is not Good Standing within the business community and/or general public.

Mr. Greg Adler has received 19 State Violations for his business making False and Misleading Statements.

Specifically, but not limited to, violating several sections of the Business and Professions Code depicted below:

Section 9884.7 (a)(1) False and Misleading Statements Section 9884.8 Invoice Requirements Section 988.4.9 (a) Estimate Requirements Section 3373 Inserting/Withholding info to cause document to be False/Misleading

4 Wheel Parts Performance Centers also retain several Nationwide Unsatisfactory Records with the BBB for Failing to Respond to Consumer Complaints.

Please review the Unsatisfactory BBB Reports of which this company has FAILED TO RESPOND, giving very bad experiences to your overall customers below:

Yet, corrupt operators at CORR, Championship Off Road Racing still allow this company to participate in racing.

Giving the illusion that all the race teams are in Good Standing within the business community and/or general public,


Please Feel Free to file a complaint with the following agencies below:

(NHTSA) Office of Defects Investigation

(BAR) Bureau of Automotive Repair Consumer AffairsSEARCH:: Department of Consumer Affairs (YOUR STATE)

(IFCC) Internet Fraud Complaint

(FTC) Federal Trade Commission

(Attorney General) Public Inquiry Unit

(EPA) (Spilling Oil & Antifreeze)

(BBB) Better Business Bureau

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